Thursday, 16 August 2007


A break from the photos from Scotland and a few from today.
I love summer holidays when you have lazy days at home. This morning Emily made a tent out of her bed by putting her various blankets around it. She then climbed on the bottom bunk and read her book, using a torch for light! What fun .... I had to take a couple of photos.
I then went into our room and found Tom asleep on the bed - more photos :)
I think in the last one he was wishing I'd just go away and let him sleep!
This afternoon Emily and I went to Cafe Nero's for afternoon coffee with Mum and Dad. When we got there we bumped in to my friend Carol, who joined us for coffee.
Walking back to the car after we'd been into town, the sky was a really ominous dark grey. I haven't seen it like that for a while and was expecting a heavy downpour.
We never got a drop of rain and an hour later there were blue skies. I'm not complaining that's for sure!
Have a good evening

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