Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Back to School

Emily went back to school yesterday. The holiday seemed to fly by and I can't believe she is now in her final year of Junior School. As has become tradition in our house, I had to take a photo of her on her first day back. We finally had the offer on the new house accepted. Now the work really begins as we start to declutter and downsize. I've now got to get all the paperwork sorted for the lawyers/mortgage and hope that everything goes smoothly. If all goes well we could be in by the end of October - yikes!!

Photo Day5 will be posted as soon as I take it ;)


  1. Our youngest granddaughter in her final year of Primary School - Wow!! Time certainly passes quickly. xxx

  2. Sorry, I should have said Junior School but I'm right about time passing, can't believe she will begin High School next year. xxx

  3. Owen is off to his first day of school today too....final year of pre-school! New house! Fun! Will be so nice for you to be so close to the all the family! Can't wait to see photos!