Sunday, 2 September 2007

Catching up again!

A lot has happened this week. We finally sold our house on Thursday and the family who have bought it have already sold their current house and are keen to move as quickly as possible. They had suggested the end of September but I don't know that we'll be ready by then. I haven't been looking because I didn't know how long it would take us to sell, so I then had to start going out to look for a new house. I saw the first one on Friday and took Claire and Emily along with me. I've had my eye on this house for a while but thought it would have probably sold before we were ready to buy. It hasn't and, after looking around it, we think it would be just right for us!! Can you believe it, the first house we looked at! Anyway, I took Jon and Hugh to see it on Saturday morning and they also both like it so we have started the process of putting offers in. I'm hoping that by the end of the day tomorrow we could have bought it! Now I can't wait to move!!

This new house is close enough that Emily will be able to walk to and from school on her own (when I'm ready to let her - and until then she'll have me walking with her!) and it's just up the road from my parents and my brother and his family. It's also an easy walk into town and Claire's bus for College would pick her up just at the top of the road to Emily's school. We're starting to get excited!! Fingers crossed!!

Mum and Dad had a visit from our neighbours from South Africa on Saturday afternoon. They are over here visiting their son and wanted to pop down to see them. Ronald brought them down and his two little girls came with them. Ronald and I went to Junior school together in South Africa and it was fun catching up on any news about old school friends. I've lost touch will most of my Junior School friends so it was funny to hear how they're all doing.

Stuart and Lynn, Mum, Ronald and Dad

Can you believe it is September already! Before we know it we're going to be thinking of Christmas!!! Help!! The good thing about it being September is that I have started a new class on Big Picture Scrapbooking called Daily Dose. It's a fun class run by Gretchen Schmidt ( who sets daily assignments for us. We also take a photo each day for 30 days and then there's a project at the end which will incorporate them. I will try and remember to print the photos I take each day as a way of remembering to post on my blog.

Day 1 photo

The first of the daily photos is my kitchen sink. Since we've had our house on the market I've had to try and keep the kitchen tidy which is why it looks quite neat. The bowl on the right is a halloween bowl I bought on one of the trips to Chicago to see Simon and Liz. This bowl hasn't been put away since last halloween and we've been using it to collect all the peelings for the compost heap.

Day 2

The second photo was to be of something that has been handed down to me. Mum gave me these cake plates which I think had been wedding gifts to her and Dad.


  1. It was fun recalling our life in South Africa and great to see Stuart, Lynn, Ronald and the girls. They hope to manage another visit before going back. Thanks for all your lovely photographs Rhona. Like the new course you are doing, should be fun. xxx

  2. Congratulations on the quick sale of your home! Best wishes for getting the new house you want. Looking forward to see the pics! That picture-a-day challenge sounds like fun. I'll have to try that some other time when my life is not so crazy!