Saturday, 5 April 2008

Back to Winter

We had a couple of lovely days when the sun was out and it was really beginning to feel like Spring but today it is cold again!! They are predicting snow for tomorrow - I'd rather have the sunshine. The girls broke up for their "Easter" holidays yesterday and I'm looking forward to not having to get up at 6am for the next two weeks. Norma is still here next week but the second week we're on our own again. Claire's boyfriend, Chris, arrived today from Blackpool and will be spending a week with us before Claire goes up to Blackpool with him to spend a week there. I take my hat off to them, long distance relationships are not easy and they've been going out for just over two years. It's Claire's 18th birthday on Wednesday so she's doubly excited - Chris is here and her birthday! No huge plans - an extended family birthday tea and cakes in the afternoon and she wants a smaller family dinner before going out with friends in the evening (she will be able to get into the pubs and clubs). Seems to be the done thing over here when you turn 18, just to prove you can do it and, if they ask for ID, you're legal ;) I'm off to put on some socks to warm my feet and get dinner started. Have a good weekend. xx PS. Our new router has been ordered and should be here by Wednesday, so I'll soon be able to put photos on again :)

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