Sunday, 10 August 2008

10 Pin Bowling layout

I was sitting going through my photos this afternoon and each time I looked at the bowling photos they made me smile. So, I decided to do a quick layout ... Journalling reads: "Today was the first day we actually went out and did something in the summer holidays. We went to Starburger for lunch before heading to Crawley to go 10 Pin Bowling at Hollywood Bowl at Crawley Leisure Park. We were slightly early but were given our lane straight away. It didn’t take Claire long to set up the scoreboard so we could get started. The game seemed to go really quickly and I just beat Hugh at the end with Emily coming third and Claire fourth. We sat chatting in the Bar for quite a while after the game and it was a really enjoyable afternoon. I know I have to make the most of times like this because it won’t be too long before Hugh and Claire don’t want to come with us.
08 Aug 2008"
The three circles on the right are supposed to look like bowling balls - can you see where I'm coming from??
PS> The colours haven't come out so well - the background card is actually black not a dark brown!


  1. Fun! Fun! Fun! I love the layouts!

  2. Also well done on the weight loss.

  3. Whole message did not come out. I said I like your layout. Very Nice! LOL N

  4. Hi Rhona!

    Thank you for your nice comments. My girls go to two different schools. Emily starts 7th grade on August 14 and Katie starts 10th grade on August 22 (also her birthday!). In the US the grades go up to 12.