Friday, 29 August 2008

Forest Row

Today, Carol took the children on a bike ride from East Grinstead to Forest Row (Carol walked and the children rode!). Claire and Emily had been invited to join them but decided against it - they know what the ride back up to East Grinstead is like (haha!). However, seeing as Jake and Leah were doing the ride I offered to pick Ali up and take her down to Forest Row to wait for them. Leah has only just turned five and we didn't think she'd make it on the ride back up the hill but by meeting them in Forest Row I could put her bike in my car and she could come home with us.
Claire and Emily came for the ride (and lunch) but took their Nintendo DS's with them for something to do while waiting for the others to arrive.

We didn't have too long to wait You can just make them out coming up the other side of the road in this one ;o)

Carol leading the way with Leah and Jake following.

Once they got there, we were so busy chatting and sorting out food, I didn't take any more photos. We sat at the hotel for about 3 hours before deciding to make a move again. As Ali lives in town, we all went to her house to wait for the bikers to get back. Not tired enough, Jake, Elliott, Michael and Emily then went to the park for an hour while the Mums, Claire and Leah stayed at the house having a cup of tea.

A great afternoon with friends. Now to see what we'll fit in next week before Emily goes back to school on Thursday.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.



  1. What a feat for Leah to cycle to Forest Row! You, Alison, Claire and Emily did it the easy way and I think you were wise. I have walked from East Grinstead to Forest Row and back and I don't think I could do THAT again. Love, Mum xxx

  2. Oops! looks like my fingers forgot to stop after 'mum'. xx