Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Excitement in our town

Hugh asked me if he could drive to work this afternoon and I would drive home (he needs the practice before his test). I decided to go home a different way than I normally do but when I got up to the roundabout at the top of the road, the cars were being stopped by a police man. Once stopped I could see that there were a number of policemen surrounding one car with guns trained on the people inside. The two men inside were brought out one at a time, handcuffed and taken to a lane next to the shops where they were put up against the wall, stretched out and searched. The men were kept apart and their car searched. Once the police were happy the car was safe, the men were brought out and put into separate cars plain police cars with plain clothed policement in with them and they were driven off in convoy. Such excitement for our little town which is normally so quiet!! Must be our week for excitement - yesterday, after school, I took Emily and her friend, Lucy into town so they could go to Cafe Nero. Claire and I went as well and sat at a different table so we didn't spoil their fun. We had parked and I had just got our ticket when I heard a car hooting - long and LOUD! I looked to see what was happening and a car was reversing out of it's parking space and the guy hooting was behind him. I was sure it would stop but ..nooooooooo... carried on going until it actually hit the guy who was hooting. The man got out the car and said he hadn't seen him!..... Hello!!!! ....... Even if he hadn't seen him, surely he heard him!! Oh, the fun we're having in town (hehe!!) xx

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  1. OK now your mission is to find out why the police were after those guys!!!! Such excitement for EG. Have fun. LOL N xoxox