Monday, 13 October 2008

Autumn colours

Growing up in Natal, South Africa, we didn't see much evidence of the different seasons. I didn't actually own a coat until we moved to the UK. Even in the middle of winter (where we lived), it used to be chilly in the morning and we'd have a jersey/sweatshirt on but most days, by lunch time, we would be in tshirts or tops. It would start cooling down again around 3 - 4pm and the jersey/sweatshirt would go back on again. Evenings could be quite chilly as we didn't have central heating (didn't really need it) and at most we would put on a little bar heater. So, moving to the UK was a big change! We arrived in April 1991 with a 2,5 year old and a one year old. I had no clue how to dress them for the colder weather and it's possible that the children were cold that first year until I got the hang of what clothes to put on them ;o) My sister, Norma and her family came to the UK in 1992 (I think that's right) and she lived about 40 minutes drive from us. I can remember driving out to see her in Autumn and the colour of the trees in the country lanes is something I remember most. I know Norma also loved this time of year and watching the trees change colour. So, this post is for Norma. I went for a walk this afternoon with my friend, MyungSan with the sole intention of taking autumn photos. The trees are starting to turn but are also losing their leaves quite quickly so I wanted to get some shots before it was too late. I think this is possibly my favourite season. Sitting in our lounge, I have watched this tree opposite the entrance to our road change colour. Note the church steeple in the background. Turning left out of our road and walking up towards Forest Way These photos are from our neighbourhood, all within easy walking distance. I hope you enjoy them.
All for tonight xx


  1. Magnificent, Rhona. Norma will love these photographs. She always did say that Autumn was a favourite season for all the myriad colours of the leaves.
    Love Mum xxx

  2. Thank you Rhona for remembering. I do love Autumn and being able to see the change in season. Your photos are beautiful. 1 year and a bit to go! LOL Norma xxx

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