Friday, 17 October 2008

DYL Week 3 Sketch 1

Just a quick post to put up the latest layout for the Design Your Life class. The class notes came through yesterday and to begin with I didn't know what photos I was going to use. However, I was sitting in the car while Emily was in her guitar lesson, re-reading the notes and looking at the sketches, when I knew Claire's 18th birthday photos would be the ones to use. Fortunately I had some paper and a pen with me so I jotted down my idea for the journalling and I could see it coming together in my head. I printed the photos off last night and this morning after doing a quick tidy up I got started with the layout. I'm going out in a few minutes to meet a friend for coffee and am so glad I finished before I left, otherwise I know I'd have been sitting there with what I had left to do running through my head ;o)

(I had to leave a bit of the floor showing on this photo because I didn't get over it properly to give me a straight image to crop - the page is straight in real life, promise!)

Jounalling reads: Being one of the younger ones in your school year group meant that you weren't always able to go out with your friends. So, when you turned 18, we had a family meal at The Emperor and when we got home, it was your time to go out. You couldn't wait to be asked for your ID at the pubs an clubs because you were now legally an adult! Allowed to drink, go clubbing and vote!



  1. May I add that Claire makes a scrumptious Key Lime Pie!! love,Mum/Grandma. xxx

  2. Wow, this is great! I love everything about it and the photos are fantastic. I won't get started on these til next week.