Thursday, 20 November 2008

DYL Week 7 layouts

Today, after a coffee morning at Nero's with friends, I finished my layouts for last week's class. I am up to date again and, it feels GOOD!! I have now downloaded this week's class notes and am starting to think about the next couple of layouts. Here are the ones I've completed
Sketch 1 Sketch 2
RWC Sketch 3
Did you realise, it is 5 weeks today till Christmas?????? Claire and Emily seem to be taking great delight in reminding me of this fact! Am I ready for all that Christmas entails? NOOOOOOO. I can't get my head around it yet and the thought that there are only 5 weeks to go, doesn't help! How I wish I was an organised person - Mum says I used to be but I can't claim to be any more. I now need to get lists made and start getting into the Christmas spirit (non alcoholic - lol!!)
I went back to Weight Watchers again last night and am happy to say that I have lost one of the two pounds I put on last week (or as some of you ladies say - released that pound, I certainly don't want to find it again!!). Now to keep going - if I could lose 1,5 pounds next week it would take me to my 10% goal which would be wonderful. I'm not banking on it but just don't want to put on again. As it gets colder I find it so much more difficult to stay motivated but feeling my clothes that little bit looser makes me feel so much better. Going down a size would make me feel even better!!
Off to make lists ;o)


  1. Congrats on a "losing" week! Ug, don't remind me how close Christmas is! I'm not ready! Love the layouts! And good for you for being caught up! I got a bit of a list of layouts to be done! lol PS It's actually a sticker on my Thanksgiving candle, it's a bit old.

  2. I got quite a jolt when I accessed your blog, for the first thing I saw was Robin smiling at me. I'm still trying to lose the lump in my throat and the tears from my eyes. You are so right when you say he is still very much loved and missed but he does surprise us when he suddenly appears over here on a business trip.
    I so enjoy your layouts , your use of colour works so well.
    Love, Mum xxx

  3. Hi - so true what you said on Robin's LO. I love it. Also Hugh and his faces!!! I remember that very well. You could never get a decent photo without him pulling a face. Well done with your LO's thye look lovely. I still need to do big time catch up. LOL N xxx

  4. I just love Sketch #2. I have one sketch done for this week. It was a lot easier because we had the photo sizes ahead of time, so my photos were all chosen. Five weeks--I have a long ways to go to be ready in time.