Wednesday, 12 November 2008

One more

Went into town this morning with Mum to get some more card. I'm printing out the pages on Jessica Sprague's Stories in Hand class and I ran out of white card so had to make a trip into town to get some more. We had a wander round the shops, popped in to see Claire at work and then went to Nero's for a coffee (and in my case an early lunch because my tummy was rumbling!). This afternoon I've managed to complete one more layout for Cathy's Design your Life class. This one was the Real World Colour sketch where we had to use black, green, orange, purple and white. I didn't know if I was going to do it but I did!! Here it is

I know Alison is going to love this photo of her on the website ;o)

I have one more layout to do for this week and, I have to admit, I'm battling. There are a number of photos on the layout and most of them are landscape rather than portrait. As this class goes on, it's making me realise that most of my photos are portrait rather than landscape. I guess I need to stop turning that camera around but it's not helping me at the moment! I'm sure I'll find some but I need to go a bit further back in my files. [Just to clarify, by landscape I don't mean photos of scenery and portrait - photos of people! ;o) ]

I haven't been to weight watchers for the last two weeks and I'm making myself go back tonight. I know it's not going to be good (and I doubt I'll be posting my progress tonight - lol!!) but I have to go back otherwise I'll slip backwards even more, and I don't want that. How I wish I could just eat what I like rather than what's good for me!!! Sigh!!

More soon


PS> The strip at the top of the layout is white - don't know why it doesn't look like it in the photo.


  1. Well at least your making a good attempt at DYL! I know I try to take pics w/ camera in both directions nowadays, lol! Nice layout!

  2. I like this LO especially the stamp on the green background.Very pretty. I am still behind and don't know when I'll get to catch up :( I lost another 1.2 kg this last week. I am quite pleased as that is now 3,6kg in the 2 weeks I have completed on Weigh Less. I am determined to get to my goal as quickly as possible. Hang in there. Is your goal realistic? It seems an awful lot? How are you feeling? I think it is easier to diet when the weather is nice. Now is the worst possible time for me as we have so many end of the year functions - actually, maybe it's a good thing after all! Went to Book club, drank diet colddrink and ate nothing - very good!!!! Lemon Meringue pie at school today, had plain fat-free yoghurt and an apple. Hope I can keep it up. Keep up your good work . LOL N xxx

  3. From where did my daughters get their inspiration and determination? Certainly not from me, who is sooooo disorganised!(that includes scrapbooking and diet!!!) Maybe it's too late for me now or maybe I am just too lazy.
    Love, Mum xxx

  4. I am really beginning to struggle to find photos for some of these layouts, too. My older photos (for which I have a story) are often poor, and frequently were 5X3. With both kids away from home, there aren't as many event photos as there used to be. Adam is being ordained as a Presbyterian minister on Dec. 7th in Idaho (and we're going--15 hour trip due to layovers and the fact that we have to fly to Seattle and then BACK to Idaho!) so that should produce a couple of layouts for December. Tracy's family will be subjected to a lot of Thanksgiving photos as well! I almost didn't do this week's RWC, but I did and liked it in the end. Yours is great--as always.