Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Another birthday :)

Today we celebrated my nephew Tyler's 2nd Birthday. Mum and I were just saying we remember so clearly rushing down to the hospital two years ago today to see the latest addition to our family. Tyler is my sister Kay's grandson - her youngest daughter, Theresa's son. Tonight I'm just going to post some of the photos from this afternoon. They're not all brilliant quality as I was shooting without using my flash and some are a bit grainy. Hope you enjoy them anyway.
When we arrived Tyler was keen to show us the Playdoh he'd got for his birthday
Practicing blowing out candles so he's ready for the birthday cake (Kay's holding him)
Mummy watches Tyler open one of his presents
Postman Pat! I think he liked it. Sitting patiently :)
Look at those little feet! xx
When's the birthday cake coming?
On it's way!
Blowing out the candles for real!
And again!!
The cake was delicious.
Hope you enjoyed the rest of your birthday Tyler. Love you lots xx


  1. You really got good photographs Rhona.Whenever I tried to photograph Tyler he usually turned just as I pressed the button so I've got some good shots of his back!!! He moves so quickly but then there was so much for him to see and do. Tyler is our youngest great-grandson and is a joy to watch. xxx

  2. Nice pics, just adorable! So many BDay celebrations, so much cake! :)