Tuesday, 13 January 2009

It's time ...

for me to update my blog again :) Thought I'd do a quick recap of what's been going on since Friday. We had a good weekend, nothing too hectic. I hadn't seen my sister, Kay, for a couple of weeks so we decided to meet up at Nero's on Saturday morning. I picked Mum up on the way and we were there just before 9am. (I was taking Claire in to work so there wasn't much point in going home and coming back again). Neither Mum or I had had breakfast so we decided to get something while we waited for Kay, Theresa and Tyler to arrive. I had looked in the Weight Watchers Eating Out book to see what was lower in points and settled on a Bacon Breakfast Panini and a capaccino. When we'd been there for a while, Tyler started getting restless and I was drawing pictures. It's been a long time since I've drawn helicopters, trains and diggers but he didn't seem to mind my attempts ;o)
He's certainly growing up fast and at the end of the month it'll be his 2nd birthday - not a baby anymore, that's for sure.
Sunday morning was another frosty one and as I was going out, I noticed the frost on this spider's web. Unfortunately you can't see it that clearly but when I zoom in and see the crystals hanging to the threads, it reminds me how wonderful nature is. It also reminds me to sometimes stop and look around me and actually SEE what there is. Yesterday was a wet and windy day. Didn't start out too badly but slowly and surely got worse! We had our usual weekly shopping trip and coffee and I had time to get home and unpack before heading off to the dentists. Half my tooth broke off when I was eating ice cream (SOFT ice cream!) about 10 days ago. My dentist wasn't back until this week, hence the wait. I'm relieved to have it sorted and to be able to eat normally again. I had to wait till 3 o'clock before I could eat again and prepared dinner while I passed the time. This was the scene from the kitchen window - after the dry, clear weather we'd been having, it was a bit of a shock to go back to miserable rain.
Jon has taken this week off work and last night informed me that he would like to go for breakfast today. It's been a while since we went out for breakfast - about 6 years I guess because he suggested a restaurant that closed down that long ago ;o). He was up and ready to go by 8.30am and we walked into town with Claire - who had to walk to work seeing as I wasn't going to be driving. Breakfast was good and we went to get the paper and a new battery for Jon's watch before heading home again. We bumped into Dad at the top of town and had a quick chat before carrying on. There's a stretch of road we walk down to get down home that has a pub and some offices. We'd passed the pub and were walking past offices when I glanced down and in a basement, seen from the road, this is what I saw. I had to take a photo because it certainly wasn't what I expecting.
Row upon row of wine bottles. Jon's idea of heaven ;o)
All for now.

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  1. Well done for updating. Since we left the house I have not taken any daily photos so I have to cheat a bit for last week but I started again yesterday so need to catch up. This is one project I really want to complete from starrt to finish.