Monday, 19 January 2009

This and that

Yesterday was a productive day! For a while I've tried to avoid going in to Hugh's room. It's not been right since we moved in, due to a lack of storage space, and has been in need of some TLC. Yesterday, I made a start on it because I don't think Hugh had a clue of where, or how, to begin. It felt overwhelming. Clearing the floor and putting stuff away, or getting rid of it, was the first task - followed by an attack on his, desk. The paperwork/magazines/junk had accumulated and there wasn't even room to put his computer on it. Not any more - the mail has been opened, sorted, recycled and filed. You can now walk around without stepping over things. Mission accomplished!! Hugh certainly wasn't prepared for what had happened to his room when came home from work, but he seemed really pleased and did thank me. Jon asked if I'd taken before and after photos and, to be honest, I hadn't thought of it. These after photos will have to do! First view as you enter the room
A wider angle ;)
Looking from the window end toward the door
I didn't attempt to tidy the bookcase with all his games/dvd's/cd's.
On Saturday we had lunch at The Broadway and Claire joined us in her lunch break. Jon's brother Mike and his son Darren and my nephew Kyle and his partner Emma were also there. I needed a photo for Saturday and had my camera in my bag so I got it out. Emily got her camera out and so did Claire ;) Nothing like being prepared!
Mike, Claire and Emily (ready to take a photo)
Not sure Wile E Coyote was enjoying Claire's attention (see his HELP sign!!)
Emily composing another shot (and also trying not to let me get a photo of her!)
And finally, to end this post, my orchid has flowers again. I have never been very good at looking after houseplants and normally killed them within weeks. This orchid was just about dead before we moved house so, my friend, Alison offered to look after it and nurse it back to health for me. I got it back just over a year ago when we moved into this house. She did a great job and it wasn't long before I had flowers. They lasted ages but eventually died off. In the last couple of weeks it's started flowering again. It's like seeing a little bit of sunshine when I walk into the kitchen! I think this is probably the longest I've had a houseplant, so orchids are my new favourite!
Hope you all have a good week this week


  1. How long will Hugh manage to keep his room like that? It certainly looks a lot better now. Perhaps you shouldn't have put this on your blog for I can see you will have others asking for your help. Form a queue family but I am first in line!!
    Well done Rhona. xxx

  2. Orchids are my favourite too. I struggle like you with trying to keep plants alive, but my orchid seems to be doing well so far (fingers crossed).
    Emma xx

  3. It's a beautiful flower, captured beautifully by you with your camera!

  4. Great job on the room! That flower pic is so pretty! It's been white here for so long...

    Anyway, fun pics!