Saturday, 31 January 2009


This morning I got stuck in and did the washing, ironing, hoovering and mopped the floor so that I would then be able to relax. We went into town at lunch time, picking Emily's friend, Emily up on the way. They are getting to the age where they quite like to go into town and then wander round the shops by themselves (and I feel a little bit redundant - lol!). Today I met up with Claire in her lunch hour and had a coffee while she had lunch, so I didn't have much time on my own. Emily (the friend) then came back to our house for the rest of the afternoon and, quite honestly, I'm not sure what I did exactly but the day certainly disappeared quickly. I have a few photos again today, starting with this one of Jon's Uncle Morris (5th from the right) who was invited up to No 10 Downing Street, to meet the Prime Minister and his wife (5th and 6th from the left). Morris sent the photo through this morning and we thought it would be nice to include it on the blog. This photo of Jon was taken a couple of evenings ago when he decided to go for a walk after dinner. Do you think it was quite cold outside??
The two Emily's - taken today.
Now a little story about Tom, Claire's cat. Here he is sitting outside Claire's door hoping that I'm going to let him in
Why won't you let me in????!!!!! I'm not happy and if you don't let me in, I'm going to .....
Jump off the landing!!!!!
Cloud was most concerned!
Ok, time for me to go and get a life! Hope you enjoyed the pet story ;o)
Claire is now traumatised and not talking to me - hehehe!!


  1. One for Morris to cherish? Love the photograph of Jon, did he think he was going to Siberia? Nice one too of the two Emilys. Had a good laugh at Tom, guess he is in a huff with you too! xxx

  2. Love the pics of the cat, too cute! And how cold it is exactly? lol We were almost to 32 the other day, felt quite nice! Getting used to sub-zero temps isn't fun btw! lol They are teasing with us temps in the 40's later this week, shorts weather! I know I will see a few, lol.