Saturday, 28 March 2009

Wickendens on a Saturday

Like the title says, today is Saturday. Every Saturday we have this little tradition where we go to Wickenden's, our local sweet shop, and buy sweets for everyone to have that night. We probably started this a couple of years ago but it's become more traditional since Emily has been old enough to know what day it is and what it means :) These photos weren't all taken today but I've been wanting to post them because we think our little sweet shop is the best!
The outside of the shopDad standing next to the front display window. All those little jars hold different sweets.
And when you go inside there are shelves full of bigger jars with all the different sweets. You decide which ones you want and how much you want. My favourites at the moment are the mini jelly babies (I think they're made by Haribo). Claire bought me a little jar full of them for Mother's Day as part of my present. Needless to say, the little jar was empty by today so I bought more to fill it up again. And a close up of all my jelly babies (below)
When Emily comes with me, Geoff Wickenden (the proprietor) waits for her to do her mental arithmatic and add up everything that we're buying and give him the total. I'm pleased to say she always seems to be right! ;D There has been talk of the shop closing when Geoff decides to retire and that would be a very sad day indeed. We're hoping that won't be for a very long time.
After our wonderful weather last week, this week has been very disappointing. Today we seem to have nearly all seasons in one day. Above is a little hail stone on our garden table from this afternoon. There were more hail stones but they didn't lie for long, hence the photo of the lone one!
Taken at the same time however, is this photo of our wall flowers coming into bloom. I still find it reassuring to see signs of spring and the weather forecasters are predicting better weather again next week. I hope they're right!
Only one more week until Emily goes on holiday for Easter. I'm hoping we might get a chance to do a few day trips (now that I have SatNav for my car) and that the weather will be kind to us then also.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. WOW, Rhona, a real old style sweets shop! LOVE it. I've only seen one so far since I moved to the UK... and that was at Beamish. :o

  2. What a wonderful shop! I don't believe I've ever seen one quite so nice. We have a lovely chocolate shop near us (fabulous chocolates), but it doesn't have much character. To answer your question, we moved our clocks ahead the first weekend in March. We now have Daylight Savings from early March until November. I must admit I enjoy the extra daylight, but it does take a day or two to adjust. My daughter who lives in sunny California would like to banish the whole practice! We've had quite unusual (and nice) weather for March this last week, but the weather forecast is for rain nearly every day next week. It's still not warm enough for me, either, but at least we don't have a foot of snow!

  3. I prefer the jelly beans and I have the jar you gave me last year on Mother's Day sitting on my computer desk within easy reach of my hand. I too buy refills. You have captured the shop and the myriad colours of the sweets so well. Mmmmmmm! xxx

  4. oh YUM! I will have to show this to the boys tomorrow. I miss that little shop. sigh*