Thursday, 23 April 2009

A card

Another good day. After seeing Emily off to school, I got stuck in on the second basket of ironing. Probably got about half way through before it was time to take Claire to work and meet up with my friends for coffee at Caffe Nero. Always good to meet up with the coffee ladies and because we don't always get to see each other between coffee mornings, always lots to catch up on. Home by lunch time, another lovely day so made lunch for Hugh and myself and then I sat outside to eat. I love our back garden, if the weather is good it's beautiful sitting out there. Didn't linger too long though because I wanted to get the ironing finished. Ironing complete and it was time to start on a birthday card for a friend's birthday tomorrow. I didn't know what I was going to do so just played around with scraps and punches and I'm happy with the final result. I'd just finished the card when Mum and Dad arrived. Dad had some plants for our garden so we left him to it while Mum and I sat outside chatting. Once Dad had finished we had coffee before they left again. Very pleasant way to spend the afternoon. I'm now going to do some reading and have a cup of rooibos (redbush tea) before bed. xx
Update: Wasn't sure about the happy birthday stamp on the card so I typed up a new Happy Birthday and matted it with the brown. ~Which one do you prefer?


  1. I actually prefer the first one but it's too late now because you will have already given the card. I love the card. Why can't I think of lovely designs like that? xxx

  2. I prefer the second, but I like the font on the first one. What a lovely day you had! Hope you have a great weekend!~

  3. Well, one vote for each, and truthfully, I stared at both of them and couldn't decide. Love the card, though! Also like the clean new look on the blog. It's on my list to do, but I'm always afraid I'll do something wrong and mess it up! I'm actually taking a class now on blog design, but I'm still nervous about making changes. My SIL did the last design, and I like it but I'm tire of it. Great photo of Emily in the post above.