Thursday, 9 April 2009

Happy Birthday Claire!

Claire is 19 - as I type it's 9.18am the exact time she was born! She LOVES birthdays (and Christmas) and has been counting down to her birthday for the past month. Today is the day!! Here she is waiting for everyone to come down so she can open her presents. Jon is working from home today so we didn't have to get up super early but by 8am she was anxious to get started.
Presents piled up next to her and she can start opening.
One from Emily
The final one came in a little jewellery store bag - she had no clue what was inside :)
I think she liked it!
Couldn't resist adding this photo of Hugh. He doesn't enjoy being hauled out of bed when he doesn't have an early work shift but is a good sport and gets up for all birthdays. I think he was just counting down till he could go back to bed!
As you will have realised, Claire got back safely from Dublin yesterday. She brought little presents for each of us, which we weren't expecting! She knows me well, I love my little notebook and pen and you can never have too many!
Birthday wishes also go to Morag and Duncan - two members of our extended family with birthdays on the same day ;)
I'm sure there will be more photos soon.
Enjoy your day - I know Claire is certainly going to enjoy hers.

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