Sunday, 5 April 2009

I had been doing well

I had been managing to post more regularly but I'm afraid you're going to have to realise that when the sun comes out I go outside more and spend less time on my laptop :) This is what's making me happy at the moment:
Getting the towels washed and being able to dry them outside on the line - which results in ...a big basket of clean towels ready to go back in the airing cupboard. The dogs enjoying lying on the top step in the sunshine or, in Cloud's case, getting to sit in the sun on the grass!
Seeing the flowers start to bloom
Charlie soaking up the heat from the wall while lying in the shade (in the flower bed)
Blue skies
Being able to sit outside and have lunch or a cup of tea
More wallflowers opening up and
tulips making an appearance.
All things that take me away from blogging - but I'm sure you understand ;P
Today we invited Mum and Dad for a braai/bbq and hoped that the weather would hold. We had sunshine and it was very pleasant - though when it clouded over it was cooler!
Jon had just taken a bite when I snapped this one.
Mum and Dad getting some food.
Emily is now on holiday for two weeks and we're looking forward to getting a chance to relax and, hopefully, not rush around so much. Still hoping to do a few days out but already things are being added to the calendar!
Hope you've had a good weekend and here's to some more lovely weather next week (I can always hope!)


  1. I am so jealous, we are being dumped on with snow again and its cold and dismal! I hate spring in Chicago and you get to show off your flowers!! mutter, mutter......

  2. Sorry Liz! Hate to tell you it's lovely again today (so far!).

  3. A lovely foretaste of warmer days to come and although it was cooler later it was so good to be outdoors.
    Sorry again Liz, from me, but there's more sunshine this morning! xxx