Wednesday, 15 April 2009


The Easter weekend went by very quickly but was most enjoyable. I hope everyone else enjoyed their Easter break as well. Emily "won" the Easter egg hunt while Claire gave up after finding a couple of eggs and was then happy to sit and watch Emily find the rest. Chocolate was cut down a bit this year as the children have had so much in the past there have been occassions where we have thrown eggs out months later. I didn't take many photos when family came round on Easter Sunday for a bbq/braai but did take some of Tyler who had a great time running up and down the garden.
I set my camera to sport mode and got a few sequences of him running so decided to make a simple scrapbook page to remember the afternoon's fun
I love little children's laughter and seeing them really enjoy themselves. I wish I had half their energy - after running around for a good part of the afternoon Tyler suddenly became very tired and decided it was time to go home for a nap. Too cute!
Off to Newhaven this morning with Emily - we're going to the South African shop to pick up some of the things we miss from SA - yum!!

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