Friday, 19 June 2009

Friday again - yay!!!

Wow, I can't believe it's 11 days since I last posted anything on here. I had these photos ready to go on last weekend and somehow never got round to doing anything :o( I'll start out with a couple of photos from our garden. Jon has been doing a wonderful job of keeping the garden looking good and has really started enjoying his gardening. Dad and I sometimes tease him about being regimented but, to be honest, I like the neat borders and plants and love the flowers in the pots on the patio. Keep up the good work Jon! I love the roses on this rose bush, very delicate. We bought the plant just after Jon's mum died three years ago along with a little angel statue. Both remind us of her every day.
I bought these lillies with money given to me by Mum and dad for my birthday. They have been beautiful but are now nearly all open and won't be out much longer.
Charlie was having a roll on the patio and then stoped to see what I was doing ;o)
We had Mum and Dad over for a braai (bbq) as we've been having some lovely weather recently.
Emily wanted to show me the woods/fields near where we live. We went for a walk one afternoon and I took my camera with me - anyone surprised??!! Here are a few of the photos I took while we were out.
Another post coming soon

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  1. Thanks for the photos - I always look forward to seeing anything you put on your Blog. I see we have good taste - I have the same serviettes! Your flowers are lovely. This is our last week of school and then we have 3 weeks holiday - can't wait! Love to all the family. xxx