Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A boat trip on Thursday

On Thursday we had arranged to meet up with Frank (Jon's step Dad), Terri and Joel (Terri's grandson). It was Frank's birthday and we thought we'd go for a boat trip on the River Ouze and then on for lunch. We had a little while to wait before the boat was due to set off so had drinks on board.
Robbie, Joel, Frank and Alison Emily and Terri
Once the cruise was underway, we decided we would get a better view if we went upstairs. We had only been up for a short while when it started to rain but, fortunately, they provided umbrellas.
Joel, Robbie and Ali
Emily and me
Unfortunately the rain was soon too heavy to stay upstairs and we ended up inside for the rest of the journey
The rain stopped again as the cruise finished (typical!) and we walked into town to have lunch at Pizza Hut. It was lovely to get to see Frank on his birthday and hopefully, he enjoyed the day out as much as we did.

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