Monday, 3 August 2009

Weekend recap : Saturday morning

After our breakfast on Saturday morning, Martin, Jon, Emily and I had a quick trip into York (nearly) so that Martin could pick up a gazebo. Friday had been cool and dry but on Saturday it was raining and looked like it was set to stay.
Halfords was on the outskirts but we did get to see one of the gates in the old wall. Emily and I are hoping we may get a chance to go back up towards the end of the holidays so that we can do some sightseeing with Ali. I had to take this photo anyway (windscreen wiper and all!) We got to Rob and Ali's just before Rob got back with a car full of balloons. You can just see Robbie's head in the back window.
Balloons for the lounge
Action shot of Robbie getting one of the balloons ;o)
Emily and Jerry sorting out their cameras
Robbie with one of Grandma Penny's balloons
Sorry Malcolm, it had to be posted!

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  1. My goodness, Robbie has grown since I last saw him at Debbie and Dave's wedding.
    How nice to see Malcolm who doesn't seem to have changed since I last saw him in South Africa before we came back here.