Monday, 30 November 2009

Last day of November

Can you believe tomorrow's the first day of December!! Not sure if I'm ready for it ;o) but am looking forward to the start of Journal Your Christmas with Shimelle. I'm hoping to have a go at doing the class this year; last year the furthest I got was reading the prompts :o( . Also looking forward to seeing the pages that the other class members make and get some inspiration from them.
Around the house: The fruit for my Christmas cake is soaking overnight ready for me to make the cake tomorrow. I made a beef curry for dinner tonight which was very tasty - even if I say so myself! The second quilt is finished and I'm hoping to make a start on the third one tomorrow (sewing, baking and scrapbooking - I should have a fun day tomorrow!). Watched some TV with the girls tonight but am about ready to have an early night - might take a magazine (passed on by Mum) up with me, haven't done that in a long time! To end off, has anyone else tried these cookies?? I got them today when doing the weekly shop - I didn't taste much Toblerone in them but they were still quite tasty.
PS 26 posts for November has to be my all time record!! To those who drop by each day, thanks for reading them! Hopefully December will be a good month too.

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