Thursday, 19 November 2009

Looking back

I was looking back at past posts on my blog and this time last year I was busy posting layouts from the Design Your Life class that I took. This layout is one I posted on Thursday 20/11/08. This layout is about my brother, Robin, who lives in South Africa. He's not very good at keeping in touch so whenever we see activity on his Facebook account, we know he's still ok ;o). I enjoyed looking back at the posts around that time and seeing the layouts I'd made. It feels like ages since I've done scrapbooking and I won't be doing any in the near future as I am still as unorganised as I was last year and not ready for Chirstmas to be so close! Some things don't change! Perhaps it's time I started making To Do lists - whether I would remember to look at them is another matter lol!!
This morning I caught up with the ironing that needed doing and got a few chores done around the house. It was then time to knuckle down to some more sewing. I have a few quilt tops complete but not put together yet. I finished sewing the back for one of the quilts, before taking Emily shopping when she got home from school, and this evening I've finished sandwiching the quilt together and tacking it all in place. Tomorrow I start the actual quilting on it. I still have the binding on the first one to finish but may wait until I've finished quilting this one and do both lots of binding at the same time.
I've also been thinking about my Christmas cards and have decided to go ahead and make them this year. Nothing like putting a little more pressure on myself ;o). I'm keeping them really simple and am hoping I'll be able to assemble them in the evenings while I watch TV.
And on that note, I'll end for today and continue with some more preparation. Have a good evening

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  1. How lovely to see Robin smiling out at me so unexpectedly. As you said, we are such lazy correspondents but our loved ones are always in our thoughts, wherever they are. xxx