Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tuesday's day

I had planned on having a day at home today to get on with some sewing and do a bit of housework (ho hum!! Yawn!!). That was until I heard the weather forecaster say we were going to have decent weather today (ie. it would be dry) and then the rain is due back tomorrow. Couldn't waste a good day so I gave my Mum a call and asked if she fancied a trip to our local craft shop (silly question!!) The Craft Barn is in Lingfield which is a 10 or 15 minute drive from us so an easy spur of the moment trip. We spent a decent amount of time having a look around and I got what I had gone for, which always helps!
A cup of coffee round the corner at Joyce's with Best Wishes seemed like a fitting way to end off our trip. We like to pop in here and have a look at all the goodies they have on display. This morning there was a craft class being held at the back of the shop but we couldn't quite see what they were making.
Don't ask me where the afternoon went, it just seemed to disappear. We had a couple of Elders from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints knock on the door. Turns out they have a friend who comes from Wartburg, just outside Pietermaritzburg - Jon and I lived in Pietermaritzburg until we moved to the UK. I had been contacted a while ago (through a comment I left on a blog) by a Mum who told me her son was serving his mission in our area. I asked the Elders today if they knew him and it turned out they did and were going to let him know his mum had been in touch with me. I believe his mission finishes next week and he will be on his way home again. We now expect to get a visit from the young man from Wartburg at some stage. It's a small world!
And finally, our evening ended with a trip to Mary, a friend who cuts our hair, for haircuts. Claire and I both had trims but Emily has had hers restyled a bit. This photo was taken before the girls had their hair cut and I'll have to try and get them to let me take another photo tomorrow as an after shot :)

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  1. I just love it when you phone, unexpectedly, to ask me out. A trip to The Craft Barn is one I can't miss because there is always so much to see, although some of the things are a bit pricey for our purse strings.
    Thank you Rhona, it was fun. xxx
    PS Looking forward to seeing the girls' new hairstyles. xxx