Tuesday, 22 December 2009

3 days to go

It's been another busy/productive day today but before I say more, here's today's JYC layouts. I'm hoping my To Do List is a true reflection of what I have left to do - it doesn't look awfully long which is why I'm wondering what I may have forgotten ;o)
Emily and I were supposed to be going to my friend Alison's for a Christmas get together this afternoon. Carol and her son, Elliott were also going. Emily, Elliott and Jake (Alison's son) have been friends since they started school just over 8 years ago but now that the children are at Senior School they don't meet up as much out of school. Unfortunately, Jake was up half of last night with severe ear ache and the doctor sent him to Royal Kent & Sussex Hospital in Tunbridge Wells today to see the ENT Dept and have his ears syringed. The good news is that it seems to have helped and Ali says he's feeling a bit better now and we're now meeting up tomorrow. So what does this have to do with anything? Well, I had said that I would take some cupcakes today and I started making them fairly early this morning. After Alison's call, I decided to carry on with the baking and get some of our gifts made while I was at it. A number of batches of cupcakes later, I had more cakes than I knew what to do with (though not all successful!), so I decided to box up the ones we were giving away and Emily and I went on a delivery round. I was also able to pop my last couple of cards through letter boxes.
Yummy cupcakes!
With all the activity going on today, I think Charlie thought no one would notice if he got behind the tree to have a "closer look" at the ornaments ;o). He was so funny when we caught him - he look ever so innocent .... but we know what you were up to Charlie!
I'm hoping to get the presents wrapped tomorrow (possibly in the morning before we go out), which will help me make sure I haven't forgotten anything. I still have some more cupcakes to bake but not sure when that'll be. I'm looking forward to having most things ticked off my list by Thursday morning so that I can enjoy the Church service in the afternoon and then relax and watch the movie in the evening (with our Chinese take away). I can't believe how quickly Christmas is coming!
Are you all ready? Are your presents wrapped? Are you looking forward to Christmas Day? I hope so!


  1. I'm all ready, presented and correct!! Just the last minute veg, bread and milk.
    Your cat is gorgeous! I'd love a cat but, sadly, DH is allergic to them. Our dog is great with the tree ~ takes no notice whatsoever.

  2. I'm all set except for baking the cake and setting the table for Christmas dinner. Still too early to do either. Those cupcakes look fantastic. I can never get my frosting to look like that!

  3. Your cupcakes look amazing.I'm all ready,just some baking to do tomorrow.My Husband works for a company in Chicago(skokie)So we used to travel there a lot.But the recession has stopped all his USA trips.So I've booked a trip with some scrapping friends for June,to show them around.

  4. No to all your questions. Up till yesterday I only had 2 presents. I went shopping at 7:30am this morning and got a few more small things for the boys then off for leg wax and pedicure courtesy of one of our parents - Thank you, Julia, it was a real treat (except for the initial wax pull off! Ouch!). Merry Christmas to you all. I won't be back in till after Christmas so no internet. Will be thinking of you all. Miss you and love you loads. xxxx

  5. You have done such a beautiful job with your album!!! Love your carved Santa... he's fantastic!

    Can't wait to start my 'Wellness Album'!! I picked out my papers but won't have time until after Christmas. This will be fun doing the class together!

    Gabby Cat sleeps under the tree... way in the back where there's a small place with no presents!

    Merry Christmas Rhona!