Monday, 21 December 2009

4 days to go!

Can you believe it's only 4 days till Christmas! We're getting more excited in our house, are you? Mum, Emily and I went to Sainsbury's this morning (I'll be so glad when the snow is off the roads and driving is simple again!) and did what will hopefully be our last shop! We got there quite early (around 9am) so it was quite quiet to begin with but it didn't take long for it to fill up and at one stage I was close to "trolley rage"! I won't go into details but let's just say there are times when I don't think men should go shopping - Christmas being one of them. Have they heard of patience? Enough said! I had just finished unpacking the shopping when I noticed a little man under the Christmas tree ;o) - I think he thought I couldn't see him. You may have noticed we don't have many ornaments at the bottom of the tree - that was a precaution in case Charlie decided to hit them all round the room. He's been really good this year so we may attempt some closer to the bottom branches next year.
Once he realised he had been spotted he flopped down as if to say "what are you going to do about it?" He's been having some mad 5 minutes recently and is so funny to watch, especially when he chases the snow :o)
I did buy myself a little treat today.
Mum and I always go to Starbucks for a coffee once we've finished our shopping (as I'm sure I've mentioned before) and today, they had a basket with little goodies in it at the counter. This tree ornament was too cute - it'll be our one new ornament for this year!
The second part of my treat was this mug! I love mugs and I'd been eyeing this one for a couple of weeks. Love the swirls, love the red inside and love that it's quite big. I've just had my first cup of tea out of it and think I may have to try a Chai latte, from Whitards, in it tonight!
And, we found our Christmas movie for Christmas Eve. I believe it's fairly old (it's certainly not new) but we've never seen it. They had it on special at Sainsburys and both Emily and I thought it might be quite funny. Movie problem solved :o)
This afternoon I've made another batch of Cranberry sauce
and I also made the base for the Christmas gravy (a la Jamie Oliver). We've been watching Jamie's Christmas at Home series and he showed how he was making his gravy in advance and then all you need to do is add it to the turkey juice on Christmas Day and it takes a lot of the hassle out of the gravy making. This was the final stages and it is now sitting cooling as I type before being poured into a container and frozen until Friday.
As you may have guessed, not a lot of scrapbooking has gone on today. I'm still hopeful that I'll be able to do a couple of pages tonight but it'll have to be after I've wrapped the presents that I need for tomorrow. If I get them finished, I'll do another blog post tonight.


  1. What a lovely blog you have! This is my first time visiting. It sounds like you are having a wonderful, peaceful time getting ready for Christmas (well, other than the man-shopping thing ;)) I also have that Starbucks ornament; isn't it cute? Your cranberries look delicious.

  2. I had the Starbucks tree ornament too :) Deck the Halls is a fun movie :) I really like it - we looked for it on dvd but they seem to have sold out of it everywhere so I'm hoping it's on tv again before Christmas!! Enjoy!!

    Lloyd always gets up very early on CHristmas Eve and goes to get all the fresh vegetables and cream etc for Christmas Day...he goes alone and gets it all done as fast as possible....we seem to have a grocery store on every corner over here though so they don't get as busy as the ones back home.

    Lucky you - that your snow will be gone soon! It is snowing heavily here today another 10 or 15 cm forecast today. Still - after today the days start getting longer!!