Thursday, 3 December 2009

First cards handed out :) & JYC Day 3

Today I gave out the first of my Christmas cards. I met up with some friends for coffee at Neros and because I wasn't sure if we'd be meeting up again before Christmas, I took the cards with me. That brought home that Christmas isn't far away!
I've also managed to complete Day 3 of JYC. The envelope that the journaling is on has the card I made this year inside it, saved for the record. I'm not showing it on here as I haven't posted the bulk of them yet, can't let the cat out the bag! Close up (You can click on the photo to get a slightly larger view)
I also went back and changed Day 1 so there is now a border around the journaling and a tree to show the date.
It felt a bit like Christmas had come early today when Dad arrived with a few little recipe books for me :o). Thanks Dad, they are lovely! I've been having a look through them and I can see some testing may be in order soon - I'm sure you won't complain if I bring some round for your opinion ;o)
Once again, it's cold outside today! Hugh got back from work and was going straight out again with friends. They're off to Crawley and I'm proud to say he dressed up warm! 5 layers later and he was ready to go - hehe!! Don't know that he'd survive anywhere colder than this! Temp today is 6C - brrrr!!


  1. I love your pages - especially the tree embellishments.

  2. Cute page! How sweet on the books, they look like good ones!