Tuesday, 8 December 2009

JYC Day 8

Today has been quite busy and therefore the layout for today has been kept very simple. I'll show the layout first and then chat about the day - if you're interested in hearing about it ;o)
With Mr Snowman Close up
Close up of the photo collage I printed off for this page
Ok, so what did I do? First stop: took Claire to work, then popped in to the school to sign the consent form for Emily's cervical cancer jabs. (She was so nervous about having them done and I was called after lunch to go and pick her up; she's fine - she just felt a bit dizzy.)
It was beautiful outside when I was driving home - and more importantly, not raining! I came in and got the dogs ready to go for a walk straight away; if there's one thing I have learnt, it's make the most of the weather while it's fine. It was an extremely slow walk this morning as Wallace was in a real dawdling mood. I had put his coat on so I guess he didn't feel the need to step it up as he was quite cosy as he was.
Emily had mentioned yesterday that she really fancied some cake and, because I was feeling sorry for her having to have her jab today, I decided to make her some cupcakes. Nothing fancy this time - vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing (with a dash of food colouring to make the icing pink!). However, when I went to get the mixer out the cupboard, I noticed one of the bottles of mincemeat had started leaking - time to make mince pies?? Sure was! Made some pastry and a batch of mince pies and I have to say, they were delicious! I wasn't sure that home made mincemeat would make much difference but I do think they tasted better - perhaps that was because I knew I'd made the mincemeat, lol!! With all the baking done it seemed only fair to share ;o) so I called Mum and Dad and invited them round for coffee. A most enjoyable afternoon and I'm still feeling quite full.
However, I MUST do some sewing tomorrow!! and write cards tonight!! and post overseas cards tomorrow!! I thought I was doing so well but now I'm beginning to wonder ;o)
Have a lovely evening


  1. I can vouch for the mince pies and cupcakes, they were delicious. The pastry for the mince pies just melted in the mouth...yummy. Thank you for the invitation, Dad and I both enjoyed ourselves. Thanks also for fixing my phone. (It was supposed to be idiot proof but obviously it wasn't) xxx

  2. Love this! I did something really similar last year. I love that square collage.