Saturday, 12 December 2009

JYC Days 11 & 12

My eye is feeling a lot better today, think it may have been a touch of eye strain yesterday and the rest has done it good. This morning I decided to catch up on the layouts for JYC - yesterday and todays post. One thing about this class is that it's made me stop and think about Christmases past and, unfortunately, made me realise I don't remember an awful lot about them. I've been on the phone to Mum a few times to find out what her memories are and although mine are fairly vague, we seem to have similar memories and Mum can often fill in some of the gaps. Thanks for your help, Mum!
Day 11
Day 12
I now need to get myself sorted out and take Emily in to town for the few bits that she needs. It's part 1 of the final of the X Factor tonight and we're looking forward to sitting down to watch it. Is anyone else watching X Factor - any guesses for who may go out tonight? I think it's such a close final this year and our 3 favourites have got through to the end but I'm finding it really difficult to choose between them.
Enjoy your weekend, I hope it's a productive one :)


  1. I find those Christmas memories hard to remember. Maybe because Christmas is so traditional and pretty much the same every year:)
    That is why I love this Journal your Christmas idea so much. At least we get to document bits and pieces.
    Love your pages.

  2. Sounds like a nice Christmas you have planned. Lovely pages. Glad your eye is doing better!