Thursday, 18 February 2010

Busy knitting

This morning I met up for coffee with friends and popped across the road to have a look at the wool. I had been thinking of crocheting a granny blanket but the wool I liked was £4.50 per 50g ball. I can't afford that at the moment so decided to see what knitting patterns they had. I found one I liked and loved this green baby wool. I got started this afternoon (while watching some ER) and have continued this evening
You can see a peek of the pattern here and the sleeves. This pattern is different to any I've made before in that you knit the sleeves to the armhole cast off stage and then put them on a holder. I'm now knitting the body of the cardigan all in one piece and the sleeves get added in at the appropriate place and then you shape the raglan all in one go. Not quite sure how it works but will find out soon enough :) Thanks Jane for getting me started on knitting again and Ruth for getting me watching ER. I'm thoroughly enjoying both at the moment :)
Emily also thought about starting her scarf again. She wasn't happy with her current one because the edges weren't neat. I started a knitted one for her but she doesn't know if she wants to carry on with that or whether she wants to go back to crocheting (hence both crochet hook and knitting needles are out). I think this afternoon reading her book won out instead!
And finally, a couple of days ago I walked in to the kitchen and saw this reflection on the ceiling. It looks like a crystal heart - had to grab my camera and get a photo.
Looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow :)


  1. Oh I just love that colour!!!! And it looks so soft! I'm still such a beginner with my knitting - I do have one practice one set up and on that I am trying out the increases and decreases...the different stitches to try out patterns and designs in the wool etc etc - but I daren't actually follow a pattern yet! YIKES!! Scarves just seem easy right now :) But I am being adventurous and adding new colours (lol)

    We stopped watching ER when we got in to was never the same once Mark left anyway.... :( lol!

    Love that ceiling heart!!

  2. I love that heart! DS and I often look for morning rainbows on the lounge ceiling. I smile every time you mention ER!

  3. You reminded me that I was looking at knitting blogs the other day and fell in love with some wool on one - so I looked t up online and was going to order some - until I saw that it is $27.50 a ball - and they are SMALL balls!! Maybe if I was a fantastic knitter it would be worth it, but somehow I can't justify knitting a BAD scarf with wool that price!!

    Lloyd said it was worth it because it was cashmere...but still...not when I can't knit well lol! That was when he suggested we get some alpacas and use their wool hahahaha!

  4. Your knitting looks lovely, and I absolutely love the heart shaped reflection! I'd have taken a picture of that too. :o)

  5. Love that green wool, and the hear reflection is *gorgeous*! x