Monday, 15 February 2010

Half term starts :)

Monday morning means weekly Sainsburys shop. I asked Emily if she wanted to come with me but she wasn't that keen (can't understand why not! lol!). She said she'd rather stay at home and watch Harry Potter DVDs. She started yesterday and got through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd DVDs so today she was starting on the 4th. She goes through stages of reading or watching different series. Mum and I stayed for our weekly coffee and chat before heading home to unpack the shopping. I think it's our delaying tactic ;) This afternoon Emily and I have both done some crocheting though we are easily distracted by these two. These photos were actually taken yesterday but could have been taken today too. Emily was having great fun wriggling wool in front of the kittens for them to catch and play with.
Not me! It must have been ....
.... Mac!
Click to enlarge the photo and you can see his claws out as he holds down that piece of wool.
We've been enjoying a quiet start to the half term break but have got a few things lined up for later in the week. Nothing terribly exciting (except tea and cake for my sister's birthday on Wednesday) but I'm hoping we may get to see Valentines Day at some stage.


  1. Funny how a trip to Sainsburys doesn't rate very highly on the list of exciting half term activities..don't they realise we have to go every week? lol. Hope you have a nice week.

  2. So cute! My cats are always interested when the crochet yarn comes out too!

  3. lol! Great cat-n-yarn pics :-)

    My kids don't have any choice about whether or not to come supermarket shopping with me (too young yet to be left for that long). I'm not sure if I feel more sorry for them or for me.....