Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Laughter is the best medicine

Today I noticed that it was lighter a bit earlier than usual which made me feel like Spring is coming (once again!). This afternoon this was the view from my back door - sunshine!! Hooray you might think? Wrong!! I decided to take Cloud for a walk just after Emily went to school this morning; it was chilly, so I put on my jacket and gloves and started out. Well, by the time I'd got to the top of our little circuit my mouth was virtually numb and my nose and ears frozen! The wind was icy!! So I wasn't too surprised when it started snowing a little bit later.
I decided to go out this morning rather than stay in and do housework ;). I phoned Mum and asked if she fancied a trip to The Craft Barn in Lingfield - silly question really! :) We had a look around but didn't buy much - I wasn't over impressed with the selection they had this time. The best part was that we saw Sarah there. Sarah used to work at Creative Pastimes (where we used to go before it closed down) and now works at The Craft Barn. The last couple of times we've been she hasn't been there so we weren't sure if she was still there or not. Lovely to see you Sarah (now that I know you still read the blog ;o) ) will let you know about the date we mentioned.
From The Craft Barn, Mum and I headed round the corner to Best Wishes for a cup of tea. As tends to be the case when Mum and I get together, we had a good laugh.
And when we went back to the car we noticed this man doing the dry cleaning ;)
Is this how dry cleaning is normally done?? Standing round the back of the shop hand spraying garments? Mum and I did have a good laugh before Mum said, "Take a photo!!". Not wanting to disappoint, I hopped out and grabbed my camera from the back seat ;). Are we the only ones who find this quite amusing?


  1. I've heard that about dry cleaners, but always thought someone was pulling my leg!

  2. It amuses me!! And worries me slightly lol....

    Glad you had such a lovely time with your Mum :-) It's pretty darn cold here too, despite the signs of spring - I saw some snowdrops at the weekend, then a few flakes of actual snow today!

  3. Lovely to see Sarah again and look forward to the future date. I think Rhona and I share a wacky sense of humour and are inclined to see the funny side in some situations. I always go home feeling much brighter after being out with Rhona.

    Our snowdrops are flowering but there is no sign of the daffodils. xxxx