Monday, 22 February 2010

This afternoon ...

After I'd finished unpacking the shopping today, I headed back into town and met Claire for lunch. She'd left her umbrella at Spoons over the weekend and got absolutely soaked walking in to work from Craig's this morning. I made a point of parking behind Spoons and went in to ask if her umbrella had been handed in - fortunately it had! We went to Neros for a panini and then into WH Smiths for some wrapping paper and padded envelopes. Once I got home it was time to start on sewing the quilt together. I love watching it growing row by row.
Not as impressed with the quilt, Bellatrix sat looking outside having wishful thinking
Then it was Mac's turn ;o)
For the most part Cloud stayed nice and warm in her basket or came and lay at my feet.
I had used my other camera today - just trying it out again - and when I downloaded the photos I found this one with Wallace in :o( He was such a big part of our lives and we do miss him. Such a sweet dog xx


  1. Wow, your sewing machine looks amazing!! What on earth are all those buttons for? (You've seen mine - rather simple in comparison!) You're making me feel like I want to make a quilt now :-)

  2. Glad to hear that you are having some time to work on your quilt.

    Sad that you found another picture of your puppy dog. :o( They sure get into our hearts, don't they?

  3. I really should finish the quilt I started last year - or the one I started 14 years ago - or the one I stared 17 years ago......sigh......hhmmmm.

    An extra photograph you didn't know you had - what a special gift.....

    I still miss Charlie so much. Because the weather here has been so warm, all the snow has melted from her favourite place to sleep in the sunshine - she would have been out there on warm days enjoying the sun :(