Friday, 12 February 2010

This morning I've .....

Made Emily's lunch (only for her to remind me later that she's going to try and have cooked lunch at school today) and seen her off to school.
Done two loads of washing and got them on the airer
Picked Claire up from Craig's and had breakfast (bacon toasties) with her at Costa before she went to work
Had a Cinnamon Latte with my bacon toastie :)
Had people give me strange looks as I sat taking photographs while sitting in Costas (on my own once Claire had gone to work) ;) Getting used to that!
Made an appointment and taken Cloud to the vets. She's scratched herself raw and it's become infected. Could be because she's missing Wallace and doesn't like being on her own when I go out.
Taken Cloud for a walk once we got back from the Vet.
Come home and downloaded my photos :)
Bring on the afternoon!


  1. Gosh, all in one morning?! Are you having a lie-down this afternoon?!

    I'm used to the funny looks too lol! Often people will turn to see what exactly I'm photographing that's so interesting, but they can't see it...

  2. I know, it's so funny to see them trying to get what you're photographing. Just everyday life :)

  3. I don't care so much about strangers - but my husband thinks I'm nuts always taking pictures of odd things and odd places - and in cafes and restaurants lol! He's used to it but I am sure he'd use it against me in a court of law ;) lol!!

    Your morning sounded nice though - especially breakfast!! I'm still sitting in bed as it's only 9am and the kids don't have school (again) today!!! I swear that school is closed more than it is open!!!

  4. Nice morning Rhona, you still manage to pack so much into your day. xxx