Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Back to Weight Watchers

For one reason and another (read - scared to see what the scales said), I didn't go to Weight Watchers last week :o(. This week, my niece Theresa asked if I was going because she wanted to go back to ww after having Alyssa and felt the time was right. I offered to pick her up and take her but wasn't looking forward to seeing what the scales had to say. I was pleasantly surprised, I'd only put on half a pound in the two weeks - I was expecting at least two pounds! I'm glad I went back now and this week I'm going to get back to tracking what I eat. I bought some weight watchers goodies to keep me going ;o) and they had a new bar out this week, cranberry, raspberry and orange - sounds yummy! Earlier this afternoon I had been going to do this blog post but Mac decided he needed some attention so he lay on my computer ;o). He's so funny and does like a bit of a fuss - when he's in the mood!
Quieter day tomorrow as I'll be waiting for the dishwasher to arrive. Maybe I'll manage to do another layout????


  1. Thats good news about WW and yes those bars sound delicious!!! Our fitness room is finally finished (except for the flooring (April when Lloyd finishes work) so we have started working out down there again and I can feel some motivation returning - it helps having Lloyd and Laurence doing it with me though - even if they want to get bigger and not smaller ;) Now just to get Easter and the chocolate out of the way ;)

    Is that a lottery ticket I spy? Is it lucky???? If it is then I think it's MINE!!! ;)

  2. LOL!!!! I didn't even notice the lottery ticket in the photo ;o) Unfortunately it ended up in the bin in little pieces shortly afterwards so I guess it must have been mine ;o)

  3. Peanut bars are no good for me with my nut allergy, but I do think cranberry, raspberry and orange bars may need to be tried! Well done on your weigh-in :-)

  4. Shame about the lottery ticket - better luck next time!!! I was hoping Lloyd had bought one last week and not told me - someone bought one in Edmonton last week and won over $20 million!! They still haven't claimed it!!! Sadly it wasn't us ;)