Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Happy Birthday Mum!

Today was Mum's birthday and we went to Prezzo for lunch (one of our favourite restaurants) If you look carefully in this photo, you may just see me taking the photo! Proves I was there too!
We always have a bit of a laugh when we go out (can't take us anywhere lol!)
This afternoon, after Emily got home from school, the girls and I went round to Mum and Dad's for birthday tea and cake. Kay, Theresa, Tyler and Alyssa were also there and Tyler was in top form ;o)
He helped (Great) Grandma open her presents and handed the torn off wrapping paper to (Great) Grandpa who was standing close by for just that purpose.
Here he was telling Grandma all about how her mug had come from his breaking workshop - ie. a shop with breakables (I think). He had lots to say about this and how careful you had to be in that workshop. It was really sweet!
His next task was to help Grandma blow out her birthday candles (a few times ;o) ). When we finished singing happy birthday to her and were doing the Hip Hip Hooray part, he took over saying Hip Hip and everyone else had to say Hooray! It makes me realise he's growing up, he's not our baby anymore.
Mum had found some puzzles that my children had when they were little and had brought them out for Tyler. He lay on the floor placing the right shapes on the pictures and really seemed to enjoy it.
Another picture to put the shapes on.
Alyssa, on the other hand, slept in her carseat, through virtually the whole thing.
I had said she would wake just as we had to leave and sure enough, she did! I stayed a few minutes longer to get some photos of her in her cute little outfit.
She really is so sweet and is giving such lovely little smiles at the moment.
And, although this one is blurred, I had to add it because the look on Alyssa's face is priceless!!
I hope you enjoyed your birthday Mum, I certainly did ;o). Now we'll have to look forward to next years!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom!!! It looks as though it was a perfect birthday :)

    Very sweet baby smiles and that last face - too funny! I don't think she appreciated the kiss ;) Hahahaha!

  2. Fabulous photos of your parents. How wonderful it is that you live so close and can visit with them regularly and celebrate these special occasions. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  3. Thank you Rhona, I had such a lovely day and was quite overwhelmed by the birthday cards and messages from family and friends. Thanks also to your 'blogging' friends for their greetings which are much appreciated. My love to you all. xxx