Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Second visitors

Our second visitors arrived on Good Friday. Jon's brother, Simon and his two boys, Richard and Henry, were over from Chicago and came to spend the last few days of their holiday with us. Liz and I were pregnant at the same time for part of each pregnancy with our children. Helen is 4.5 months older than Hugh, Richard is 6 months younger than Claire and Henry is 9 weeks older than Emily :). They all get on well when we get together and this time was no exception (though there was more laptop interference this time - in the evenings there were laptops all round the lounge!).
They arrived early Friday morning and after having some hot cross buns and tea, the boys, Emily and I went to have a walk around town while Simon had a nap. (They'd been up since 4am and Simon had driven down from Yorkshire which had taken about 4 hours). It was really cold on Friday so, after a quick walk round town, we ended up at Caffe Nero
Henry had a hot chocolate and chocolate brownie (though after having hot chocolate at home later that evening he told me Liz and I make better hot chocolate!)
Richard had water, a caramel slice and a croissant
Jon suggested we head up to The Broadway for lunch so that we could meet up with his other brother, Mike. Their sister, Deb, also came.
Emily, Henry, Richard and Simon
Hugh and Jon
Hugh caused a bit of a stir with Richard who hadn't expected him to look quite like he does ;o).
Family photo
From left : Deb, Simon, Hugh, Mike, Jon, Emily, Henry and Richard
A good start to the weekend.


  1. Sounds like a fun visit! They come from just a bit south of me here in Wisconsin. :)

  2. Definitely sounds like a great visit :) How did Richard expect Hugh to look??? Thats funny :) Hugh reminds me of my Nephew Dan over in the UK - same kind of style and look etc.....about the same age...

    Of course your answer should have been that Richard should read your blog and then he'd KNOW what Hugh looks like ;)