Tuesday, 20 April 2010


This morning Claire had her first midwife appointment. Her midwife, Jenny, seems really nice and confirmed Claire is now 10 weeks pregnant. She went through all the paperwork and chats and rearranged the scan date for 06 May (as 24 May would make her nearly 16 weeks, not 12). It brought back lots of memories, doesn't seem that long ago that I was going through my pregnancy with Emily - amazing how 13 years seems like yesterday! Nowadays you have to go to the hospital for blood tests so, once we'd finished the midwife appointment, we headed down to Haywards Heath for Claire to get the blood tests out the way seeing as she had the day off work. We thought seeing as 10 weeks is quarter of the way through the pregnancy we'd take a bump photo ;o)
Can we really call this a bump??? ;o)
Unfortunately, the ironing hadn't disappeared while I was out so I made a start on it when we got home. The basket on the right has been emptied and put away and the one on the left is about half done but I've since brought in the washing that was on the line today so it's crept up a bit again. It never ends!
I think Emily was glad to get home after her first day back at school. She thought it was extremely unfair that they started athletics in PE today and she had to do a lot of running! I'm afraid Emily is very like her mother and not terribly sporty - sorry Emily!
They're predicting more nice weather for tomorrow so I think I'll be taking Mum and Dad out to a garden centre. I know Dad wants to get some compost and Jon's asked me to pick some up for him too. I imagine a stop at the coffee shop will be in order too ;o)


  1. I definitely wouldn't class that as a bump!

  2. More of a gentle slope, I think!

  3. Oh, to have a bump like that - I wish that was how I looked and I'm certainly NOT pregnant! Probably not yet classified as a bump .... won't be long though :-)

  4. It'll not take long for it to turn into a bump!

  5. Not really a bump so far lol - won't be long though! Exciting times :-)