Monday, 17 May 2010

8th picture in the 8th file

Mel at I Speak Melsh was playing along with finding the 8th photo in the 8th file on your computer and suggested we play along too and show the photo on our blogs. I was curious to see which photo would come up and here it is :o) It was taken on 17 September 2006. Emily is holding my cat, Charlie, who we had got from The Cat Protection centre the month before (after getting back from our holiday in Chicago). Emily looks so little - and so does Charlie! It's so sweet to look back on these photos and I'm now thinking I could do a "then and now" page with this photo and a current one of Emily and Charlie! Thanks Mel for getting us to play along :o)


  1. Oh, I'm so pleased you joined in! This is an adorable photo :-) And I'd love to see a 'then and now' page, what a great idea! xx

  2. Such a sweet photo. Do the then & now LO ~ E may hate the idea, but we love it! I must go and look in my photo files ...

  3. Definitely do a Then & Now page---quick before she gets older and moves out! :-)