Friday, 21 May 2010

Canadian family

A few photos of our Canadian family taken while they were over here. As I said before, we didn't take many photos at all - we were just enjoying being together again and catching up.
Owen is now 6 but lived in the UK when he was little. Shannon and I used to meet up quite regularly and go out and about around town with him. Shannon was hoping being here might jog his memory but I don't think he remembered anything :( We hadn't met Finton before they arrived, he's now 3 and was born in Canada after Ryan and Shannon left the UK. What a little cutie!!! He was just adorable - made you want to smother him in kisses (not that he would probably have enjoyed that!). I'm just so glad we got the chance to meet him at last.
Finton and Shannon :o)
I need to edit a few more photos soon so I can post them as well. These are really for the boys Mama (Grandma) Merle who didn't make it over from SA as we had hoped. Hopefully we'll see you next year Merle!

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  1. Gorgeous pics :-) They're both such cuties! xx