Monday, 26 July 2010

First day of the holidays :)

Today is Emily's first day of the summer holidays and life is slowing down already ;). I got up 3/4 hour later than I normally would (6.45am instead of 6am). The morning was more relaxed as there were no lunches to be made :) (I make Jon's the night before because he leaves early in the mornings). I then sat and had a quick look at emails and blogs before making my breakfast - which I had to eat in a hurry because I hadn't realised what the time was and I had to take Claire to work and pick up Mum for our weekly shop. Oh well, can't win them all ;) This afternoon I made curries for dinner (yes, two! A Dupiaza for Hugh, Sarah and myself and a Madras for Jon), cooked the rice and tidied up the kitchen and stacked the dishwasher. All good because after that I could relax a bit - I decided the ironing can wait till tomorrow morning :) - I'm in that holiday mood!
I said in my last post that I'd have to take some more photos of the little fat giraffe Claire bought when we went shopping last week. He is the cutest little toy - seeing him up close now, I'm sure you'll agree! Dad, these photos are for you. I have never seen sunflowers like this before but they are stunning. If the petals continue to open I can only think they'll end up looking like pom-poms ;) They still remind me of Dahlias rather than sunflowers but seeing as the stalks and leaves are sunflowers I guess the flower head must be too! Does anyone else have sunflowers like this or know what type they are?


  1. Hooray! Enjoy that holiday feeling :-)

    Giraffe is indeed a cutie xx

  2. LOVE the new look on the blog, and you are correct, that sunflower looks more like a dahlia. Stunning no matter what!

  3. The flowers are gorgeous regardless of what they may be! I think you are still super organised for being in the holiday mode :-)

  4. Sunflowers are my favorite flower, and I've never seen any like this before but they are gorgeous.

    And that little giraffe is just the cutest!