Friday, 23 July 2010

A little late

Claire's photo on the 20th is a little late this month though it was actually taken on the 20th, I just haven't got round to posting it until today. As you can see, baby is getting bigger and there's not really much doubt that Claire's pregnant now ;). Lots of movement from baby and lots of shopping from Mummy at the moment. I'll have to post a photo of latest baby buys soon. And to end off, just a few photos from our garden. The one above was taken late one evening, I liked the way the glow from the kitchen windows helped to light the flowers. And a couple more shots of our sunflowers. They are opening slowly but surely and are beautiful. These remind me of dahlias with all their petals but I'm sure one we can see the sunflower seeds that'll change :) Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your families.


  1. Yep, definite bump now! And what gorgeous flowers :-)

  2. How snazzy is the new look! I hope Claire is feeling well - she looks as if she is. You have a lovely garden Rhona, filled with glorious flowers!

  3. Hi Rhona ~ First of all, I LOVE the new look of your blog! It's so nice and easy to read, and your photos look even better. I absolutely love the sunflower shots!