Saturday, 3 July 2010

Michelle and Matthew's Wedding

Today we were in Poole for Jon's daughter, Michelle's wedding to Matthew. The weather was very kind to us (although I would have liked a little more cloud cover ;) ) and it's been a wonderful day. The service was lovely and at times emotional but certainly a very happy occasion. I have edited a few photos as a taster because I know Michelle will be waiting to see how they've turned out. I hope you like them Michelle :)
Matthew, Michelle and Jon
Matthew taking the ring from Josh
Matthew places the ring on Michelle's finger
Michelle placing the ring on Matthew's finger
Mr & Mrs
The happy couple
Matthew's family
Matthew's parents, Mary and John, held the reception in their garden and had arranged a wonderful spread. Many thanks to you both for a lovely day.
Matthew and Michelle with Matthew's siblings and their partners
Michelle with Hugh, Claire and Emily
Emily, Hugh, Sarah, Matthew, Michelle, Claire and Craig
Matthew and Michelle with Michelle's Mum's side of the family
Emily, Claire, me, Matthew, Michelle, Jon and Hugh
Cutting the cake
I'm leaving it at that for tonight as it's been a long day. I'm sure there will be more to follow shortly.


  1. Lovely photos Rhona - well done. Looking forward to seeing more a little later. :) Norma xx

  2. What a lovely wedding! Hi Rhona! It's me, your long-lost blogger friend, MJ! ;o) When I saw on Facebook that Claire was expecting, I KNEW it had been way too long since I came to your blog for a visit. I so love your blog and the photos. I feel like I know your family! Thanks for sharing your life with those of us in the blog world! ;o)

  3. Congratulations to the happy couple! Family weddings are so much fun. xo

  4. Glad to hear that you all had a lovely day, and that your photogrpahy went well.

  5. Rhona you have done a wonderful job - they will be so pleased with the results! I love the shot as they are walking out of the registry - you captured the movement very well :-)
    I hope you got another shot of yourself in there somewhere - from the glimpse here I really love the jacket/top you are wearing!
    And, Alice Rose - how beautiful! They are so organised to have a name chosen already - I am very impressed, we were stuck for a girls name before our little treasure was born. I do have to send a word of warning though, my SIL and BIL had three - yes three scans confirming they were having a boy and a sweet little girl came to greet them - don't rule out a choice for a little boy - you just NEVER know!

  6. How lovely :-) Glad you had such a good day! xx

  7. Lovely photos, and I'm glad you handed the camera over so we could get a glimpse of you as well!