Sunday, 26 September 2010

Dad's Birthday Tea

Dad's 81st birthday was on Tuesday but because he was taking Mum to the hospital for a scan that day it was decided that he would have his birthday tea on Saturday. Some of the family were working but those who weren't were there to help celebrate another year.

Dad had some help from Tyler when it came to opening his present, which seemed only fitting as Tyler had chosen it specially for Great Grandpa.  
Tyler knows Dad likes his gardening and decided that he needed a train flower pot and even told his Mum that Grandpa would be able to put plants in it.
Tyler's Mum, Theresa and little sister, Alyssa (hasn't she grown!)  Can't believe she'll be one next month, do you remember those baby photos? Doesn't time fly!
 Tyler was also on hand to help with blowing out the candles - good job Tyler!
When everyone came up to get cake it was a good chance to take a photo of those present.
From Left: Dad, Theresa, Tyler, Alyssa, Iain, Emily, Claire, Jon, Max and Mum.  As I was taking the photo I wasn't in it and Craig arrived a bit later after football but probably didn't mind not being there for photos ;o).
A very enjoyable, relaxed afternoon with lots of chatting and enjoying the younger ones antics. Thanks Mum and Dad xx


  1. It's always nice to see a happy set of family pictures. I'm sure there is a page or two to be had from these :)

  2. So wonderful you are all so near one another to celebrate these important occasions. Your parents look fabulous! Happy Birthday to your dad!

  3. Your dad looks so happy to have Tyler by his side. Glad you had a good time celebrating, Rhona! xo

  4. How lovely to see the generations together. We had a family lunch when my FIL was 80, and which was also DS's 1st birthday ... DS slept through most of it!

  5. What a gorgeous set of family photos....wonderful memories of what sounds like a lovely celebration.

  6. Belated happy birthday to your Dad, too! xx