Saturday, 11 September 2010

Hanging on

Jon's trying to hang on to Summer for as long as possible. He loves sitting outside but it was pouring down today and even the big garden umbrella wasn't going to keep him out of it, so he sat on the table so he would be under cover ;o) As Autumn and then Winter set in, he'll add more layers of clothing and eventually a hat and scarf but he'll still continue to sit outside!


  1. I'm with Jon! Although I hate being cold and damp so I probably wouldn't be sitting on the table. I'd love to have a screened-in porch. Then you could be "outside" in the rain. If we win the lottery, it would be a possibility.

  2. Brave man! I'm more of a turn on the gas fire and huddle inside kind of girl!

  3. lol! I stay inside as much as possible even during the summer... I'm not an outdoorsy person!

  4. I love to stay inside... but, I always feel happier when I've spent time outdoors! Think I'll go and work on my flowers a bit.

    Thanks for the blogspot directions. I played with them for several hours. Still have work to do on my site!