Friday, 1 October 2010

Emily's Birthday (Part 2)

Emily is doing a GCSE in Astronomy a couple of years early this year and she normally stays after school on a Wednesday for the classes. On Tuesday night she decided she would give it a miss this week as it was her birthday (and a friend was going to take notes for her) and that way we could go ahead and have a afternoon tea with family - as we normally do on birthdays. 
 So on Wednesday morning, after popping to the shops after dropping Claire at work, I did some baking. Emily had requested Brownies and I decided to give the Buttermilk Scones in Nigella's lastest book a try. My scones don't normally turn out very well but these ones rose beautifully and were so easy to make. I'll have to post the recipe up soon.
 Tyler was on hand to help Emily blow out all the candles - it took them a few turns, I guess that many candles takes a bit longer ;o)
 The chocolate cake went down well :o)
 Not sure why everyone looks so serious in this shot - we did have fun, promise! ;o)
 Mum and Jon's sister, Deb
 And Alyssa was in top form even though she had been tired when she arrived. She is just so sweet and it reminds us of all the fun we've got to look forward to when Claire's baby arrives :oD
We also go out for dinner when it's anyone's birthday. It used to be as many of the family who wanted to come but it's become so expensive, we now just go out as our little family.  This year Emily chose to go to The Wing Wah Chinese restaurant in town.  We all enjoy going there and it meant I could pop across the road to my Weight Watchers meeting to get weighed before going to dinner!
 Our birthday girl! 
 Claire and Craig
Jon and myself
Unfortunately Hugh had to work that night so he and Sarah weren't with us.
I think that about covers Emily's birthday for this year. In October we have my nephew Richard's and my SIL Liz's (both in Chicago), Craig's, my SIL Merle's (in SA) and Jon's birthdays. Busy month ahead!


  1. Looking at both birthday posts....looks like you all had a lovely time.
    I really miss 'afternoon tea'...we had one every day when I was a child...but now it's only on special occasions.

  2. Glad that Emily's had a lovely birthday! I'm loving the HP wand ~ so very cool!

  3. Fun celebration photos, Rhona. That Tyler really gets around in the birthday-party-circut, doesn't he? ;o)

    Love the photo of you and your hubby at the end of the post! ♥

  4. Belated happy birthday to Emily! xx