Monday, 25 October 2010

Look who turned 1!!

Alyssa turned ONE today!!
I can't believe how quickly this last year has gone, it doesn't seem that long ago that we were driving down to the hospital to meet the latest addition to the family. And now, it won't be long before we're going to the hospital again but this time we'll go going to meet our grandchild :)  So excited!! Back to Alyssa's big day though!
 She was interested in her presents and even tried to help open them (with a little bit of help from Mummy)
 (And a bit more help from big brother, Tyler!)
 For a while she took herself off for some time out, to survey the scene and take in how many people were there.
 Great Grandma's present was a hit as she's starting to enjoy putting shapes into holes.
 Her little friend, Peter, was on hand to help with the birthday celebrations.
 And she was more than happy to go to Daddy when he got home.
Though Mummy is always a favourite :)

What made the day even more special is that she started to walk. Theresa said she had taken a couple of steps on her own before but wouldn't just go. Today she started walking between her Daddy and me and then a bit later between her Mummy and me. Now that she's started I'm sure it won't be long before she's walking all over the place! 

Emily (who also started walking on her 1st birthday) managed to capture some of her first steps on her little video camera. Once she's edited it I'll put it up on the blog because it's too cute!!


  1. Oh she is just SOOOO cute! My favorite picture is the one with her daddy ~ love the expression on her face! :o)

  2. Well done. A lovely memory for Alyssa in the furure
    Great grandad

  3. Time goes so fast.... She's just adorable :-) Belated happy birthday from me! xx

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