Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A new tradition?

One day last year, around this time, when we went for one of our weekly Monday morning coffees at Starbucks I saw they had their Christmas mugs out and decided I "had to have" this mug. 
I loved it's festive feel though it could still be used all year round.

On Monday gone, when we went for our coffee at Starbucks, they had Christmas mugs out again and, believe it or not, I felt I "had to have" this mug! Isn't it lovely!
Again, although it has a festive feel, the tree isn't necessarily a Christmas one and I'm sure it could also be used all year round. As you can see, I did get it and I'm enjoying using it :)  This time it was Turkish Delight hot chocolate (thank you, Dad!) which helped to warm me up that cold November day.

I have a feeling there may be another mug added to the collection next year too - a new tradition perhaps?


  1. I love those types of traditions!!!! We don't actually have a Starbucks locally....shame Costa don't do something similar.

  2. Sounds like a great tradition to start :-) The mugs are beautiful! xx

  3. Your new one was available here last year, and I bought one for my friend as part of a Christmas basket gift. I've always regretted not buying one for myself, so I hope they show up here again this year. It's lovely, and I think it's a great tradition. Besides red is my favorite color!